It is one of the most important minerals possessing barium which is found in shape of layer, stratum or deposited. Due to its heaviness, chemical neutrality, softness and low cost, this substance is used in drilling. In ceramic industry it is used for making the melted substance homogeneous, reduction of bubbles and brightness of the product. Likewise, it is also used in paint, paper and rubber industries as filling substance.
Due to minimum oil absorption, it possesses good filling quality and does not cause increscent of viscosity in the system of paint. Its other qualities include preservation of brightness of paint on the surface, creation of abrasive condition in under-paint and neutrality.



Constituents %Wt


BaO 63.30
SO3 33.01
SiO2 1.37
CaO 0.82
Al2O3 0.49
MgO 0.26
P2O5 n.d
K2O n.d
L.O.I 0.15


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